Encaustic Art Painting Iron

Painting Iron

The Encaustic Art Painting Iron is the key tool that melts and shapes the wax colours into creative artwork. High quality temperature control.The Encaustic Art Painting Iron is a carefully made iron specifically for working with molten wax. It comes in different voltage and plug types for the various locations around the world. Your national importer will have the correct version for you.


Weight :
Size :
Material :
Temperature :
550 grams
210 x 147 x 54mm
Plastic / metal
00 – 150°C


99532100 [EU] EUROPEAN version
99532101 [CH] SWISS version
99532102 [UK] BRITISH version
99532105 [US] UNITED STATES version
99532106 [AU] AUSTRALIAN version
99532107 [CA[ CANADIAN version