Encaustic Art Hotplate Electric

The large glass surfaced hotplate for Encaustic Art. Direct surface working and brush / palette work. This large 60 x 40cm hotplate brings a whole new realm of possibility to creative encaustic artwork. The quality of the tool is exceptional. The glass surface is easy to clean and excellent to work upon. The temperature control spans from ambient room temperature to a top heat between 87 and 90C. The ambient room temperature at time of use will affect the rate of heat loss – a warmer room gives a slightly hotter hotplate top temperature.  This hotplate is currently only available in a 220 – 240 volt version.


Weight :
Size :
Material :
Temperature :
7200 grams
820 x 432 x 57mm
Plastic / metal / glass
00 – 87°C


99530303 (EU)
99530304 (UK)