Privacy Policy

 1 Management
The website is managed by Mercurius BV. The contact details can be found on the aforementioned website.

2 Personal details
Personal information may be used to determine your identity.
This includes details such as your real name, address, post code and telephone number. Information that cannot be used in direct connection with your actual identity (such as your favourite website or the number of users of a site) is not included.
You can view our online products without disclosing your identity.
When you register to use the Mercurius International webshop, we will ask you to provide details relating to the institution (school/nursery school/other organisation). You can provide these details by using the contact form or contacting us by phone or email.

3 Using your personal information
As stated on the website, in principle your personal details will not be provided to third parties not connected with Mercurius BV.
With your consent, we only use your details to make our website easier to use and to expand our services based on clients’ needs, such as providing information on the status of your order, or to simplify the order procedure.
We store your data on SSL-secured servers in the Netherlands. These are only accessible to a couple of specially authorised persons. Our servers only store data that enable identification for security purposes such as IP address, date, time and pages visited.

4 Changing personal details
You can see your personal details at any time under “My account/Company details” if you have logged in with your email address and password.
If you wish to change your details, please contact us through email.

5 Secure and risk-free purchasing
See “Terms and conditions” on the website or click here.

6 Questions
Visitors with questions about this Privacy Policy should contact Mercurius BV. The contact details are provided on the website referred to in article 1 of this Privacy Policy.


We use cookies to gain insight into how visitors use this website. This allows us to optimize your visitor experience. Below, you will find more information regarding functional cookies and analysis cookies.

  1. Functional cookies

Functional cookies ensure that a website works. This includes cookies necessary to remember what someone has in their basket. But also, for example the login details a website remembers, so you won’t need to fill these out again the next time you visit the website. In accordance with the Cookies Act, it is necessary to ask for permission to use functional cookies.

1.1 Session cookies

Session cookies are used during the time the visitor stays on the website (the session). These cookies ensure that the visitor is recognized. This way, they do not need to undertake the same action over and over again on the website. These are remembered using a cookie.

  • Cookies for viewing external videos

This type of cookies is used to ensure that videos from e.g. YouTube can be viewed on a website.

  1. Analysis cookies

Analysis cookies are used to gain an insight into how a website is used.

  • Google Analytics cookie

A Google Analytics cookie is used to analyze the behavior of visitors. For example, how visitors find the website and their behavior on the website is measured using this cookie.

2.2 Cookies for search functionality

Our website has a search function. Search terms or item numbers can be entered here to help you find the correct page of the website quickly. When you use a search function that directs you to a specific page based on the search, a cookie is required.

You can find more information about cookies on the website of the consumer association