Stylus Tips

The stylus tools have many tips available. The Stylus Pro has threaded tips and the older single heat model Stylus has straight stem tips. These interchangeable tips enable numerous graphical powers to be explored. Drawing tips and brush heads are the basic graphical tools which allow lines, spots, detailing and shading to be done. The many available shaped tips enable patterns and small work inside larger images, in places where the iron is too large.

Stylus Pro Tips

The large range of threaded tips below are designed to enable finer graphical work within the encaustic art genre. The drawing tip and brushes are similar to regular art tools and enable line work, drawing and shading. The larger shaped tips are interesting for working inside larger images and for creating patterns and stylised imagery. These tip shapes can be built into complex forms or used in a simple and obvious way to create their own shape. If tissue is laid onto a waxed card the tips can be placed and used to remove an area of wax in their shape.

The fun tips are a collection of popular icon shapes which enable a “visual message” to be included in wax work. Great too for patterns and creation of moods.

Original straight stemmed tips below - only fit older style single temperature Stylus

The original single temperature stylus has a straight rod fitting for its tips. These are secured by a side screw. There are 5 available,

Drawing Tip

Wire Brush Head

Round Tip

Mini Iron Tip