Encaustic Art Electric Tools

There are a number of electric tools in the Encaustic Art product range. These tools are manufactured to deliver a quality experience to those who use them in their molten wax creativity. Temperatures are designed to operate within the ideal range of heating. The temperature control systems in the various tools are specified so that the waxes are not over-heated during correct tool use. All tools are made to high quality standards and will serve the user well.

The Encaustic Art Painting Iron is the key tool that melts and shapes the wax colours into creative artwork. High quality temperature control.

The Stylus Pro brings controllable graphical working to your encaustic art  with an “on handle” control and numerous interchangeable tips.

The Hotplate Compact is a modern anodised aluminium plate powered by your painting iron. A potential filled tool to expand your encaustic art success. A great heated palette too.

The large glass surfaced hotplate for Encaustic Art. Direct surface working and brush / palette work.

Melt and move wax colours without any physical contact by using this excellent Hot Air Gun. It has variable temperature control, a two-speed air flow and an optional reduction nozzle to make a faster and harder air flow shape.

The Stylus was our original low-heat graphics tool but is now replaced with the improved Stylus Pro.
* still available in the UK ONLY