Learn simplest landscape

Landscape in the wax colours of encaustic art

How to make a simple landscape with Encaustic Art

This video shows you a simple and quick way to create a landscape with Encaustic Art on A6 Painting cards.


  • Put wax on the iron (set at LOW), half pastel blue and half olive green.
  • Apply to A6 painting card already placed onto disposable paper by sliding along the length of the card. Repeat if necessary to get a good coating but do not press hard at all “FLOAT the iron”.
  • Once a basic landscape of lighter sky and well coated green is created, place the iron down over part of the lower green section and lift to create the foliage effect. Iron edge marks will also be created, so to avoid this, lift the card and use your fingers behind to allow the iron to gently bend the card as it is dabbed on and off. Quick on-off strokes work well but the key thing to ensure is that the iron’s top edge does not make contact with the card. Just use the inner are of the iron to make the foliage effect, then it will look more natural.
  • Grasses are made by sliding the iron’s edge up through the wax. Run that cleaned edge (clean with tissue wiping) through a block of green wax and then onto the card to create stronger coloured lines. Practice on a spare card, don’t slide sideways and steer the iron like an ice-skate cuts through the ice surface, then you will get the thinnest resulting lines.
  • Birds are small spots of wax, carried on the tip, dotted onto the card, then flicked left and right to create wings.
  • Polishing at the end with a tissue pad to achieve the beautiful wax sheen that these encaustic art colours offer.


Products used 

Encaustic Art Painting Iron.

Encaustic Art Wax blocks:  pastel blue (#99534931),  olive green (#99534923).

Encaustic Art A6 painting cards – place in landscape shape format for iron to span the card in one easy stroke.

Encaustic Art Workplace protection paper

Tissues from the local grocery – mansize double ply are ideal.

* Protection: Encaustic Art Wax Sealer (#99536001) can be used to give a harder surface coating protection.


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