Dragon Rubber Stamp

How to make a dragon rubber stamp image with Encaustic Art

Combining ink stamping with Encaustic Art can bring a lot of focus and satisfaction into cards that have defined imagery and focus


  • Print your stamp image onto encaustic art painting card using a dye ink pad. The dragon flying stamp is easy to use because the subject is flying in the air and does not have to be rooted to the earth. Floating or flying stamp image subjects are the easiest to use. Wet the stamp with the dye ink and check it is not over-inked – wipe the stamp face sideways on the pad to be sure.
  • For the darkest ink image, allow the ink time to dry naturally. However, if you just want to get on with the card then double fold a tissue and lay it carefully on the wet inked image. Then place the clean heated iron down onto that tissue, over the image area, and press for a few moments. Remove the iron and lift the tissue to find a dry stamped image ready for waxing onto.
  • Load the iron fully and in bands of colour, but first melt clear wax especially into the iron area that will travel over that stamped image. The create light sky colours but always avoiding any opaque waxes like white or pastels. This image has bands across from uppermost neon pink, through neon yellow, red violet, purple and blue green.
  • Spread the loaded iron of wax along the card, covering the stamped image, which should remain visible. Go over the wax carefully again until you are happy with the resulting background sky area. It is better to work the wax less rather than more and more. Overworking will mix the colours too much.
  • Use the edge of the iron, rested onto the card over the lower half at the left end, parallel with the card’s upright end edge. Then slide that iron edge carefully along a little, stop, move back a little, stop, continue along toward the right again, and repeat this type of upright marking across the entire card. Sometimes let the iron edge be at a higher level on the card, and sometimes at a lower one. The effect could represent background cliffs, or a city, or castles, or some type of landscape idea.
  • If desired, use the scribing tool to highlight edges of the stamp to emphasise them, creating more depth and perspective.
  • When you are happy with the card you can add an edging of silver or other colour. Convert the iron into the mini-hotplate mode. Remove the iron handle, place it flat onto the table with the iron logo face down, slide the iron to sit on top of that handle and ensure it engages and “clicks” into a secure position.
  • Melt silver onto the iron mini-hotplate and then place the card upright with just one edge touching into the puddle of silver wax. Run that edge through the wax, back and forth until there is a thin line of silver all along. repeat with the other card edges.
  • If desired, use the stylus pro fitted with the drawing tip, and add dragonflies. These are like double flicked lines similarly spread as if they were twin clock hands set at ten to two. Small spots of wax make small wings. Create one more longer stroke through their center as a body line.
  • Use the same colour as the castle / mountain background and elaborate those initial results into more convincing castle images. DO this by flicking a spire line that is sharp at the top (flicking creates this).
  • Polish with tissue pad to finish. Use sealer if you wish to add further handling protection.

Products Used

Encaustic Art Painting Iron (Art. 99530100)

Encaustic Art Wax blocks – Clear Wax (Art. 99534927) – Neon Yellow (Art. 99534939) – Neon Pink (Art. 99534937) – Red violet (Art. 99534912) – Blue green (Art. 99534908) – Purple (Art. 99534948) – Silver (Art. 99534926)

Encaustic Art A6 painting card (Art. 99537100)

Encaustic Art Stylus Pro with drawing tip (Art. 99530605)

Encaustic Art Workplace protection paper(Art. 99537010)

* Protection: Encaustic Art Wax Sealer (#99536001) can be used to give a harder surface coating protection.

Tissues from the local grocery – large size double ply tissues are ideal Protection: Encaustic Art Wax Sealer (Art. 99536001) can be used to give a harder surface coating protection.

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