About Encaustic Art

Encaustic Art uses heat to melt wax colours and work them into artistic results. As an ancient process it was used mostly for portrait and icon painting. We have brought this idea into the modern electrical world, creating a simple and satisfying way for anyone to discover this fascinating, creative and artistic activity. Simple to start, exciting to explore!

The small electric painting iron is central our approach to this wax melting art. A flexible white non-absorbent card, which remains clean in use, provides the material for beginners, on which the wax is applied. Wax is a liquid when warmed and a solid at ambient room temperature. Having heat as the solvent results in fast completion. Instead of drying, the wax just needs to cool, which literally takes seconds. The real magic is the ability to rework the wax art simply by reapplying the warm iron or other heated tools. Whether just small adjustments or a complete change! This is a unique “unfreezable paint”.

The iron is just the start. There is a stylus with many different heads available. It is used for graphical details, much like a pen or brush. It makes working inside larger images easier too. Then there are hotplates and many hand-tools to excite and inspire forms within encaustic artwork. Our hot air gun blows warm air onto the wax, melting and moving it without any direct physical contact. Encaustic Art is a versatile genre with many approaches.

And why are we THE ORIGINAL? Back in the late 1980’s we took the iron and wax blocks and created the first sets of their kind in the world. These have evolved, and we continue to add new, creative and inspiring products alongside clear information. We hope Encaustic Art brings something and enjoyable special into your creative life.