Enrichment selection

The third set of 16 colours to complete the full array. The Enrichment array of 16 lovely colours includes some metallic ones. This selection completes the 48 colours in the range if it is combined with the contents of the Basic and Enhancing selections.  All the different colours are intermixable, including the metallics and pearlescent medium. These sparkly wax colours can be used to bring a soft fantasy sheen to the resultant mixtures.


Weight :
Size :
Material :
Melt point :
Contains colours :
550 grams
40 x 24 x 11mm per block
wax and pigment
42 Magenta, 02 Vermilion, 36 Neon Red, 05 Lemon Yellow, 07 Green, 19 Cobalt Blue, 18 Prussian Blue, 11 Blue Violet, 38 Neon Orange, 20 Yellow Ochre, 21 Venetian Red, 26 Silver, 25 Gold, 28 Bronze, 17 Grey, 29 Pearlescent Medium